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Your Partner Team

            Where others see daunting challenges as the health and wellness of financial, operational and technology landscapes undergo sweeping change; Capital Partner Advisors see remarkable opportunity. Our enthusiasm is exceeded by decades of experience in these sectors.  We implement fundamentally sound strategies and solutions designed to maximize our client partner financial needs and optimal revenue performance metrics. 

We provide a flexible innovative approach to match the everchanging needs of our economic market and client demand.  These innovative solutions are offered to our select client base to meet their financial and operational performance criteria. Our current portfolio of featured opportunities is listed below:

Daryl L. Palmer - Chief Bookkeeping Advisor, Sr. Manager dpMS, LLC. & Financial Business Analyst

 Mr. Palmer’s legacy is as an innovative leader who understands the vision of strategic leadership requirements for both established and early stage disruptive model enterprises; he has a twenty plus year track record of management, sales, logistics, accounting and leadership.  His experience includes extensive work in Turnaround Management successfully developing and reengineering small and emerging mid-market companies. He has immense experience in the hi-tech industries and Aerospace/Defense managing projects and delivering products from concept to full scale delivery for USAF, NASA, US Marines, US Army & the USN on projects both domestically and with cooperative foreign entities.  His product portfolio includes Astro Inertial Navigational Systems, Command Communications Shelters, Antenna Stabilization Systems, Structural/Turbine Engine Monitoring Systems, Mono/ Bi-propellant Satellite Thruster Modules and he led the delivery of the first orthogonal axis Solid State Gyroscope for missile applications, he has been granted secret level and special access clearances.  Mr. Palmer has held the positions of C-level leadership for Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Business Management, Controller and Senior Business Analyst among other ascending responsibilities.  Mr. Palmer is a skilled negotiator and has been instrumental on numerous domestic and international cooperative agreements.  Upon leaving aerospace Mr. Palmer entered management and sales consulting and has worked with companies throughout the US and Canada covering multiple industry verticals.   He is known as a highly experienced, tenacious and a ‘hands on’ individual, his award winning business plans are sought out by entrepreneurs who seek funding opportunities and he holds extensive B2B and B2C expertise in management and sales development.  Mr. Palmer studied Management/Accounting at the University of La Verne and he is a Master Certified Sales Professional (MCSP); who has also successfully built management, sales, marketing and technical teams for a wide range of companies and holds a Certificate in Negotiations from the Institute of Negotiations. He is the founder of the Sales Masters Institute, Capital Partners Holding he has been a key contributor to Regus Advisors as Managing Partner International Merchant Bankers – Mergers, Acquisitions, Dispositions providing structure leading to both public & Private Equity for investment and provided guidance to Shape Hi-tech Biotechnology as (CSO) Chief Strategy Officer, He is an author, speaker and executive who is frequently sought out by entrepreneurs and industry leaders for his expertise in organizational systems, methods and controls.  He has been called upon to act as an interim CEO/President, COO, Vice President for emerging and transitioning companies during their critical early stage development. Mr. Palmer worked as the Consultant and (CIC) Consultant in Charge; Mr. Palmer holds memberships in American Financial Analysis association (AFA), Turn Around Management (TMA), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).










Mr. Raymond Markman - Managing Partner

Ray Markman can best be described as an investment banker and serial entrepreneur. The founder of the Mayflower Life Insurance Co., Salespower, Inc.( division of Manpower), Seago Real Estate Syndication Company, and is the co-founder of Chicago City Bank, where he served as a director and took the bank public. Mr. Markman became the first Brand Manager in the History of Helene Curtis when the company decided to market their beauty shop products to mass retail outlets, these products were all first mover products, such as Spraynet,  Suave, Enden, the first dandruff treatment shampoo, and Kings Men, a leading men's toiletry line. He then joined Leo Burnett Advertising Agency which appointed him as an Account Supervisor. During his tenure he was named Advertising Man of the 20th Century. His accounts included Philip Morris, P & G, Pillsbury Cake Mixes and Charles Pfizer. Mr. Markman was requested by the Harvard Business Review, to deliver an analysis of the returns, profitability, and the time it takes for new products to reach commercial and financial success. His succinct analysis summed up by his words, "it takes twice as long, costs twice as much, for half the result" was labeled by the Harvard Business Review Editor who headlined the story "Markman's 2 1/2".  Mr. Markman was then recruited by McCann-Erickson Advertising, the center piece of Interpublic, the first Agency Conglomerate with a holding company that acquired a number of competing advertising agencies. He was the Management Supervisor on the Helene Curtis account, where he by hired the first woman Account Executive in the history of Interpublic, and which went on to build an all women ad agency, within the parent agency. He was the Management Supervisor for the Encyclopedia Britannica Account.  During his tenure his team created the National Geographix Series; Mr. Markman was responsible for selling CBS on running the show during prime time. The Series was the No.1 show in its time period went on to become the longest running documentary series in the history of television. Mr. Markman was recruited by Encyclopedia Britannica as V. P. of World Wide Marketing to introduce and market Britannica's revolutionary new Encyclopedia, Britannica 3.  He and the new team he led generated sales of one billion dollars, earning enormous profits. He was promoted to Executive Vice President, in line to become the next president.  After nine successful years at Encyclopedia Britannica Mr. Markman independently founded Heritage Home Video which pioneered the distribution of videos to be sold in mass retail outlets, such as Target, Wal-Mart and drug chains as a forerunner to Blockbuster.  After two successful years, he created a second company, Magic Video which was the very first company to distribute videos through supermarkets. He made exclusive agreements with Disney, Hanna Barbara, and Warner Bros. for their children's animations. He holds both Series 7 and 65 licenses attended University of Chicago and has employed the Modern Portfolio Theory of the University of Chicago multiple times, using uncorrelated assets to increase the returns and lower the risk. His strategy was to allocate startups to 5-10% of a client's portfolio. In his career Mr. Markman founded or funded more than 30 companies, with an overall success rate (positive returns) of 80%, and an R.O.I. of 31%.  Mr. Markman is involved in a number of partnerships with the goal of funding companies at various stages, such as startups, early to mid-stage companies and larger entities. He is CEO and Founder of Financial Life Planning Co. LLC, a Managing Partner of Capital Partner Advisors, and a Managing Director of Midwest Renaissance Venture Capital Fund.

Mr. Mark Frohman , PhD- Managing Partner

Frohman is a successful and highly accomplished consulting and marketing professional with experience at IBM, KPMG Consulting and Accenture.  At these world renowned firms, Mr. Frohman built and managed sales teams and processes for several start up divisions. He was recognized as a solid leader that instituted innovative sales, marketing and management strategies at all levels of the organization. He was responsible for superior sales growth and the attainment of healthy profit margins for all aforementioned companies.  While at Accenture Mr. Frohman was the Sr. Consultant for Lotus Notes and Netware, Mark then moved to IBM as a Sr. Manager responsible for business process outsourcing and software development before being recruited by KPMG as a Branch Manager in charge of management and network consulting for ERP, process improvement and software development; his core competencies include: Sales & Business Development, Marketing & Branding, Project & Operations management and Market Research. Frohman founded and managed EMC Staffing which specialized in providing IT and sales resources. After successfully growing the firm for 6 years, he sold it. Frohman then accepted a position as Director of Sales at Science Applications International where he led the government and commercial management and information technology.  He helped grow the firm to one of the largest wholesale distributor networks in the industry serving small to mid-tier cable and internet providers. Before joining Capital Partner Advisors, Mr. Frohman served as a Senior Business Intermediary at the Gottesman Company out of New York, where he consulted both Buyers and Sellers in business transactions. He specialized in the Mergers & Acquisitions of businesses in the mid-market arena, both nationally and internationally.  Mr. Frohman’s expertise working with and mentoring current and potential business owners is a key skillset to helping clients go to the next level with regards to effective marketing and sales.  Mr. Frohman has earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Louisiana State University an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Arkansas and a PhD in Management.  Frohman’s expertise is working with companies with regards to raising capital, financing, management and IT processes, and innovative sales and marketing programs.   Mr. Frohman has continued his professional development with certificates from Dale Carnegie, Sandler Sales Institute, and is a Certified Network Engineer.




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