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Every great journey begins with a first step!

          Angel Investing           Private Equity            Venture Capital           Institutional         Consulting

           At Capital Partner Advisors we are focused on the total needs of the client company, this includes Funding, Growth Initiatives, Performance Improvement & maximizing opportunities.  Our goal is to create sustainable finanacial solutions, minimize risk and achieve competitive advantage.  We start this with our roprietary process of  Center Point Synergy which includes five primary elements in our consulting model:


                                                            1). Define client objectives

                                                            2). Diagnose the organizations requirements

                                                            3). Design specific needed solutions

                                                            4). Develop strategies for constructive changes

                                                            5). Deliver the results in support of the client goals.

Angel Investing
Our partner Angels are businessmen and serial entreprenuers  who can see a great opportunity in a good and disruptive  product; but they are tough to please before releasing their precious seed money as start-up assets.  Sometimes we JV with them & at other times we will go alone.  Contact CP Adisors to speak with a conselour and determine your qualifications
Private Equity
     Private $$$ 
The external core equity partners of CP Advisors include but are not limited to  exclusive  relationships of private family trusts, high networth individuals and offshore investor dollars (upto $25MM) not found anywhere else. We also have funds  available from one of our holding companies, & in some cases we will take an equity position in lieu of a success fee.  
Venture Capital
Partner Funding
When you are ready for your series A or series B finance round CP Advisors has a significant protfolio of venture capital  partners that are ready to meet your specific capital requirements, from $10 million to $50 million.  this unique network is international and is capable of addressing the financial needs of your compaany regardless of your industry verticl.
Institutional Banking
Commercial & business banking relationships have been carefully selected from the southwest to the midwest as funding partners for the exclusive benefit of our clients.  While there are a lot of banks open for business in the country today; only a handfull actually iniate and successfully consumate loan funding for businesses like yours.  Let CP dvisors facilitate your last banking financial relationship for sustainable financial needs.
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